RasPad is a portable tablet but tailored for you to start making immediately and working efficiently. It's powered by Raspberry Pi but transformed into a compacted tablet with responsive touch, all the RPi I/O interface, a customized OS, stereo speakers and many more features for developers to have a convenient hardware-hacking experience, and fun daily work.

An Open Source Tablet Designed for Developers

An Efficient Way to Develop

Based on Raspbian, RasPad has integrated Python, Office software, Chrome browser, and the entertaining system to enhance all the user experience in your daily life and work.

Compatible with Scratch 3, we leave the GPIO open for everyone that you can create fancy projects by simply dragging and dropping the logical blocks on fingertip!

RasPad was elaborately designed to support series operation systems including Raspbian, Ubuntu, Andriod, retro pie, libre ELEC, and more.

What's more, RasPad offers a one-stop solution to swap between systems. With the External TF Card, simply insert your OS SD card inside the slot on the side of RasPad, and there you go!

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Swap Various Operation Systems

1 HDMI Cable to Split 2 Screens

As a developer, we need a Personal Project Station to boost efficiency that an extra split-screen is always helpful at any time. By leveraging the HDMI, you can easily extent RasPad with other monitors for double or triple work efficiency. Thanks to the Bluetooth, a portable wireless keyboard is ready for you to note down your inspirations, wherever you are.

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