What the RasPad Can Do - Image Viewer?
Did you ever wonder if you could use your RasPad3 as an image viewer? The answer is certainly, YES. What follows is an example of a fairly advanced project which you could put on your RasPad3 to show your photos....
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Raspad Raspberry Pi Tablet Hits Kickstarter
Building your own compact Raspberry Pi system is not complicated but if you would prefer to purchase one ready built, you might be interested in the new RasPad Raspberry Pi Tablet which has this week launched via Kickstarter and already raised over...
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The MagPi Review: Raspad 3
RasPad 3 improves upon previous iterations with a 10.1 inch 10-point multitouch display. Inside, Raspberry Pi 4 sits between two daughterboards. The Main Board breaks out the Ethernet, USB C sockets, audio socket and provides a full-sized HDMI port for a...
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